Hatchery and Wild

Sport, Tribal, and Commercial fishermen don’t always agree and are often times at odds with each other, but we agree that hatchery and wild salmon are very important to our way of life. Check out the new video “Hatchery AND Wild” to hear stories that showcase the cultural, ecological, economic, and social importance of Pacific Northwest fish, both hatchery and wild.  You will never view hatcheries the same way again!

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Sport Fishing

While TRSA may not agree with the all sport fishing organizations on every aspect of their goals and mission, we have made it our goal to unify sport organizations to speak with one voice and as a result have more fish for all!

Commercial Fishing

Salmon for All is an association of gillnetters, fish buyers, processors, and associated businesses. Today’s Columbia River gillnet fishery provides salmon and sturgeon for fresh markets as well as a small canning industry focused on specialty products such as smoked fish.

Tribal Fishing

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission coordinates management policy and provides fisheries technical services for the Yakama, Warm Springs, Umatilla, and Nez Perce tribes. Through their efforts we are all seeing record runs on the Columbia River and it tributaries.

TRSA Supports More Fish for ALL Sport, Commercial and Tribal Fishermen!

Three Rivers Sportsman’s Alliance and area hatcheries have provided the Sandy Community Action Center food grade salmon and steelhead filleted and bagged for low income individuals and families in the Oregon Trail School District. We are grateful for their hard work and willingness to give their time and energy.

Dena Anderson Isbell

Program Manager, Sandy Community Action Center

TRSA is fighting for our rights to harvest fish! Keep up the good fight fellas!

Shane Nichols

I do believe that Three Rivers Sportsman’s Alliance has the most up to date information related to hatchery supplementation in one location. I really agree with TRSA mission…More fish for ALL!

John Lewis

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